March 2024 — CIHR bridge funding, CsgA amyloid cryoEM structure resolution

  • LFS announcement on CIHR funding for biofilm protein research
  • Fan’s collaborative project to resolve the CsgA amyloid with cryoEM has been published in mBio (open access).

March 2023 — Yuran’s pea and soy amyloid fibril paper is now available online.

  • Morphology, Formation Kinetics and Core Composition of Pea and Soy 7S and 11S Globulin Amyloid Fibrils.

Feb 2023 — Drew and Profs Dee & Yada have published a perspective.

  • Reframing prosegment-dependent folding and limits on natural protein folding landscapes from an evolutionary perspective

July 7-10th, 2022 — Yuran and Charlotte attended the 2022 Protein Society Annual Symposium in San Francisco. Charlotte gave an invited oral presentation (flash talk) and Yuran won $250 for her poster presentation.

Charlotte’s presentation
Yuran with her poster at the Protein Society meeting in San Francisco.
Charlotte with her poster at the Protein Society meeting in San Francisco.

June 15, 2022 — Congratulations to Vivian, Prerana and Yu for placing 3rd in the IFT 2022 Protein Innovation Challenge, for their proposal “Using plant protein nanofibril hydrogel emulsion as a fat replacer in low-fat processed meat products“.

Capture from Vivian, Prerana and Yu’s presentation to the IFT.