Dee lab lunch Dec 2022 with Yuran Zhang after her master’s thesis defence
Group members with visiting professor Bartosz G. Sołowiej from the University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Poland.
Dee lab lunch at Brown’s on campus, summer 2021 with alumnus Sara Zamani (M.Sc. Dec.)
Yellow peas (CDC Lewochko) from the collaboration with researchers at the NRC in Saskatchewan. In our research, we use state-of-the-art LC-MS/MS proteomics to unravel the composition and quantify pea proteins from five Canadian pea varieties. We study pea protein isolates, flour and concentrates obtained through different processing conditions, to determine how they influence the pea proteomic profile.
the first step in dehulling lentils
lentil protein processing after centrifuge separation
checking fluid levels for the microfluidic system’s syringes
Verifying the installation of the glass microfluidic cell before an experiment
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Red-laser illuminated microfluidic cell within the opposing objectives of the optical tweezers
behind the scenes repairs in the lab
Behind the scenes we also get repairs done in the lab: from the intercooler for the tweezers lab replaced by UBC facilities to reconditioning a rusted up incubator-shaker with a troubled past.